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Whole Grain Whole Wheat Bread – One Loaf

There’s nothing like fresh home made bread and it is not as difficult to make as you might think. When you make your own bread you can select the best, most wholesome ingredients. I like to use organic stone ground 100% whole grain whole wheat flour. Make sure to buy whole grain whole wheat flour because you will be assured that the whole grain will be included and nothing will be discarded in the milling process. Nowadays, when you buy “whole wheat” flour, the milling company will throw away the bran and the outer parts of the grain. Insist on 100% whole grain.

You can buy yeast in individual packets at your local supermarket but I find that it is expensive (about a buck and a half per packet – ouch!). I was able to buy a 2 lb bag of Red Star Active Dry Yeast for $3.89 from our local Costco store. Each packet is about 2 tsp of yeast so when you buy yeast in bulk you use 2 tsp when the recipe calls for 1 packet. ... Read More