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Asian Kale Chips

This is a recipe for Asian flavored kale chips. It is fairly low in calories, gluten free and dairy free. It is made in the same way as the Southwest Kale Chips posted here at the website (see recipe index). You will also need a big mixing bowl – about 8 quart capacity. This recipe uses raw almonds, but you can substitute with raw almond butter if preferred.

Asian kale chips are easy to make with a food processor and a dehydrator. Always try to find good quality organic ingredients whenever possible – especially the soy sauce and miso paste. These two items are made with fermented soy and soy is one of the big GMO crops. So make sure to select only organic miso paste and soy sauce to avoid GMO soy.

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Chicken Teriyaki

This recipe was inspired by a Korean husband and wife who operated a small restaurant in Sun Valley, CA that I would frequent back in the 1990’s. They made the best chicken teriyaki that I have ever tasted. It was addictive! I always wanted to know how they did it, but I suppose it was a secret family recipe.

Recently, while cooking at home about 20 years later, I ran across a dish with some ingredients that had a very faint, but similar resemblance to that old recipe. It got my taste buds (and my imagination) going so I set out to nail down this recipe and get it right.

There are two parts to this recipe – one, the marinade, and two, the meat. The marinade is key, but the meat has to be just right, also. As it turns out, you have to use chicken wings or drumettes and you have to skin them and debone them to get the right flavor and texture. Skinless breast meat or skinned and deboned thighs are not good enough, but if that’s all you have, it will be so so but not great. When you debone the wings or drumettes and remove the skin, you are left with small pieces of meat that have the exact flavor and texture that you want – trust me.

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