Do it Yourself Moist Towelette

A moist towelette can come in handy on occasion where there is no access to a sink or other washing facility, especially when camping or in other outdoor areas. These are available commercially, but if you only need a few and you don’t want to buy a case of 1000 and you don’t want any of the commercial brands that use toxic hand sanitizers, then you can make a pretty good version of your own very quickly and easily with a paper towel, water, a little rubbing alcohol and a sandwich bag.


1. Start with a paper towel.


2. Fold it up.


3. Place a small amount of rubbing alcohol (70% concentration) on one side – only about a teaspoon or so.


4. Turn it over and drip some water on the other side (the same amount as the alcohol).


5. Place it in a re-sealable plastic sandwich bag and seal it up.


After a few minutes, the moisture will spread out evenly throughout the paper towel. You can put it in your pocket and it should last for days or even weeks without drying out.

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